Paving the pathway to the personal journey for Women in achieving their highest potential, thereby bridging the gender gap in leadership. 

The journey's focal point is developing a framework within communities to help increase women’s inclusion in leadership. 

A unique flexible journey designed to ensure needs for all participants are met.


    Creating pathways and dialogues to dismantle gender inequality.


    Respect for individual diversity and inclusiveness.


    Providing the platform to facilitate transformation across cultural, societal and professional female communities.


    Establishing modern business leadership landscape of fairness, dignity and gender equality.


  • "WISE Women has been a fantastic program that has provided a group of talented women with the opportunity to develop in a way that has not previously been provided. We have all been on fabulous leadership programs but WISE Women is much more than that - it is a Personal Development program. It gave us the opportunity to really focus on ourselves and to help us to overcome some of the things that can hold us back in our careers. ... It has been a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Thank you to Varan for getting this started."
  • "What an honour to be part of such an amazing journey - both personally and as a team member with such an inspirational and talented group from my company. The reflections, guidance and insights from this experience far exceeded my expectation. I continue to find myself thinking very differently and "pausing" to consider my WISE [earnings. I am clearer and confident in my abilities and thank WISE for enabling me to look forward to future challenges. A truly unique leadership program - the best I've experienced in over 20 years in this industry!"

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